Program Overview

Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA) operates free take back programs for the safe disposal of unwanted medications and used medical sharps. This is a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting safe disposal of unwanted Medications and used Medical Sharps. Furthermore, we assist producers in meeting their stewardship responsibilities, aid pharmacies in implementing these initiatives, and educate consumers on practicing safe disposal methods, thereby fostering stronger connections within communities and the industry. Collection locations, such as pharmacies and vet facilities, play a crucial role in the success of these programs. They are key players to make a significant difference in their community. Due to their direct interactions with patients and pharmaceutical expertise, they can provide valuable guidance on safe disposal methods and ensure consumer engagement to these programs.

Who can promote Take back programs and educate the consumer?

Safe disposal practices can be educated and reinforced by various stakeholders, including pharmacists, Collection Location technicians, healthcare providers, veterinarians, veterinary facility staff, etc.

By working together, we can educate and reinforce safe disposal practices to our community to protect public health and the environment. 

What's Included?

Safe Disposal Material

We provide separate return containers for medications and medical sharps as well as label for Cytotoxic material.

Reduce Risk

By participating in our programs, you can help prevent the wrong disposal and ensure safety of expired or wrong medications in the household.

Improve Patient Care

Show your care towards your patient’s well being by ensuring they manage their medication responsibly.

Educational Materials

We offer guides with detailed steps on how to return and dispose medications to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Compliance Support

We help you follow the guidelines in your provinces on how to dispose your consumer’s waste , so your pharmacy or vet facility does the right thing for the environment and public health.

How to participate?

With HPSA’s medication take-back program, pharmacists can easily sign up and become part of the solution. You can register your pharmacy or vet facility as a collection location. To do so , follow the instruction in your designated province page