HPSA works with a large network in order to facilitate return programs and fulfill its obligations. Our stakeholders include: producers, consumers, pharmacists, transporters and disposal facilities. It also acts as liaison with governments and other stewardship programs nationally on regulatory and environmental issues.


HPSA works with producers of consumer health products (CHP) to ensure the safe collection and disposal of their products and represent their interests with other stakeholders. CHP are prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, natural health products and medical sharps.

Producers are defined as:

  • the owner of or licensee of the brand or rights holder under which the affected health products are sold to consumers in provinces with regulations;
  • the importer of the affected health products into provinces with regulations;
  • their products are sold to consumers under a brand name that the manufacturer owns, licenses or have rights to in provinces with regulations.

Fully funded by participating producers, HPSA fulfills their stewardship obligations in regulated provinces by educating the public, facilitating collection and disposal programs and providing plans and annual reports to provincial regulatory bodies. Through their participation with HPSA, producers demonstrate a commitment to responsible disposal of medications and medical sharps, managing environmental complexities on a national scale, and continued results improvement.

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