Returning Medical Sharps

If anyone in your household requires medical sharps due to their health condition, it is essential to dispose of them properly. Discarding them in the trash could result in needle stick injuries to household members, pets, housekeepers, janitors, and municipal workers. Improperly disposed of medical sharps may spread infections and cause soil contamination.

To avoid harm, use a medical sharps container with a biohazard symbol to store used medical sharps. Medical sharps containers are available at our collection locations. Once the container is full, return it to a collection location participating in HPSA’s free take-back programs.

HPSA operates Medical Sharps Collection Programs in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

How to return used medical sharps

Step 1

Pick up a medical sharps container from your local participating collection location (subject to availability) or purchase one from a retailer.

Step 2

After use, place used medical sharps in the provided container, ensuring the stack of medical sharps stay below the lid closure line.

Step 3

Permanently close the container following the instructions and return it to the collection location.

Guidelines on Using New Medical Sharps Containers

4 guidelines on assembling 1.8L medical sharps containers

Collection locations: Guidelines on assembling the container

The Fill Line goes on the same side as the DANGER diamond

Remember to secure the lid to base of the container

Consumer: Guidelines on using the container

To temporarily close your container lightly press the container lid shut until you hear a click. 

To permanently close your container press down firmly on the 2 textured divots located on the center of the lid until you hear a click

A guide To Return Unwanted Medical Sharps

What's Included?

What's Not Included?

Do not return medications and inhalers in medical sharps containers. Click here to find out how to return medications. 

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